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Accessories and equipment

Roof with 770 mm wide lighting strip made of polycarbonate corrugated panel that is installed in the roof. This panel is compatible to the corrugated galvanized steel of the roof. The lighting strip is not bearable for any person – it is a danger of falling through and injury.

Air Grilles when “natural” ventilation is needed, the container can be equipped with air grilles, that are installed in container side walls. The air grille is made out of galvanized steel 1 mm thick and has got 20 vent holes with total surface 55 cm2. It is possible to fit  into the side walls of  the container one pair (2 pcs) or more pairs of air grilles.

Fork Guides can be installed when the fork lift truck doesn’t have the forks long enough is possible to fit on the bottom of the floor fork guides to protect the floor against damage. Fork guides are made out of galvanized steel 2 mm thick.

Vandal Bar for better protection against violent entry into the container is possible to install the vandal (safety) bar. The holes for fitting of brackets for Vandal Bar are prepared in each container and covered with caps.

Door Stopper (400 mm long) is possible to fit on each Door Wing folding to fix the Door Wing in open position.

Window can be fitted in the container side wall or back wall. Window frame is made out of the aluminium profiles, window panel is from clear plastic. Window panel is divided in two parts, one part is movable and in shut  position is secured against opening. Window can be equiped with sheet shutters, that can be fixed either in open position against the wind gust or in closed position against opening from outside.

Drive-in ramp is made of anti-slip steel sheet 3 mm thick. Complete drive-in ramp is hot deep galvanized. Length of the ramp is 885 mm, width 1.000 mm, height 65 mm and weight is 29 kg.

Shelving holder, Shelving stand, Bunded shelf, Holder of 2 gas cylinders, Roof stiffening set, Partition wall set, Second double winged door instead of back wall, Double winged door with mesh instead of sheet, Powder coated container